This course offers further study and individual development for students who have achieved a level 3 qualification, or have the equivalent relevant experience in stitch and/or textiles, and are:

  • looking for the opportunity to develop their own style in embroidery, design and stitched textiles
  • wanting to further their studies and exploration of stitch and design beyond a structured programme (eg City & Guilds)
  • seeking individual development for progressing their stitched textile work towards an exhibition or a membership of an exhibiting group


The aims of the masterclass are as follows:

  • To develop your creative skills in observation and practice
  • To leave your comfort zone and make new discoveries, breaking through boundaries to stimulate your creativity
  • To investigate materials and media in a personal way, and for you to realise your individual style
  • To contextualise your work, developing your professional practice in the textile world


There are three modules on our masterclass:

  • the Foundation Module (the exploration of a variety of mark making, hand and machine stitch techniques)
  • the Colour Module (the exploration of colour theory and practice)
  • the Themes and Concepts Module (the exploration of your own theme, and an investigation into the work of other artists)
  • Students may take between 6 months - 2 years to complete a module.


We recommend that students keep in regular contact with us, via email, to keep us up to date with progress on each brief and module. As well as tutorials over the internet, we will give feedback on work presented at Mentor Days, and work sent to us by our overseas students. Please see frequently asked questions for further information about the assessment of work.

mentor days

In order to support our students through individual mentoring and to provide an opportunity for you to meet each other, we hold designated ‘Mentor Days’ throughout the year. See the masterclass frequently asked questions for further information about the Mentor Days (times, costs, conditions etc)

Places must be booked in advance and to secure yours, please contact us.


The cost for each module from January 2015 will be £205 for UK residents, and £220 for overseas residents
Each Mentor Day costs  £45.00 per person
Extra individual tutorial time can be arranged at our standard rate of £25 per hour
The costs for sending work to and from STITCHBUSINESS will be borne by the student


    Certificates will be issued as follows:

    A certificate will be issued on successful completion of each module

      A full masterclass certificate will be issued on the successful completion of all three modules


      Applications are accepted all year round for our masterclass, click here to download an application form.

      Further information about applying for the masterclass can be found in frequently asked questions.


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